Welcome to Planet B’hu (“bee-ooh”), a place of outrageous splendours!

Here are crystalline mountains, surging glaciers, oscillating lakes, forests of luminous trees, and deserts whose pink-hued sands sparkle with gold dust and diamonds.


Most importantly, planet B’hu is home the chameleon-people known as the Kamori. Kamori can change the colour of their skin at will.

An Earth creature with similar ability is the cuttlefish Decapodiformes sepiida (see NatGeo Wild: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-zodF-XrSE )

Our story follows a kamori orphan named Meyu. He was raised by animal friends in the wilderness. He learned to color-morph in order to survive. He also learned to make his skin sparkle and glow.

meyuWhen Meyu is rescued and brought to civilization, he soon learns that adult kamori don’t appreciate colour-morphing. Adults wear ‘National Colors’ on their skin. They keep these colours fixed, like a uniform. They consider Meyu to be a damaged child. If his unruly skin cannot be rehabilitated, he will be banished to the wilderness.

Nobody realizes that Meyu’s skin holds the keys to ancient powers. Will Meyu uncover the secrets of his skin? Or will dark forces prevent him from fulfilling his destiny?

Join Meyu’s epic quest, through adventure and tribulation, through friendship and heartbreak, as he faces good and evil while struggling to understand his world.


Deliciously rich in detail, Kamori: Mystery of the Pau’i will immerse you in a world unlike any you’ve ever seen. Behind every jumping fungus, colored raindrop, and talking pet you’ll discover layers of tantalizing details that soak the imagination.

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