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What is a Frood Wheel?

A ‘Frood Color Wheel’ is a Class II kamori medical device. It is used to test kamori youngsters for Color Control Deficit Disorder (CCDD). This is the most common skin dysfunction in kamori, especially orphans. The primary symptom is the inability to hold a fixed skin color for more than a few seconds.

The Frood wheel resembles a sort of lollipop, with a disc of coloured cardboard where the candy would normally be. The coloured wheel is free to spin, in which case its colours seem to blend and transform.

For humans, the Frood Wheel creates a sort of harmless mirage. For kamori, however, it induces a more profound effect; when faced with a spinning Frood wheel, kamori youngster who are not trained in colorfastness feel an irresistible urge to morph to the wheel’s indistinct blurry colour.