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Kamori: Mystery of the Pau’i

Book 1 Damaged Child

Planet B’hu is home to the chameleon-people known as the Kamori.  They can change the colour of their skin, spectacularly, and at will.  But to do so is considered taboo.

Things were not always this way. There are legends of the Pau’i–an ancient kamori civilization, who used the power of their colour-morphing skin to move mountains.

Meyu, an orphaned kamori, doesn’t know this.  He was born in the wilds and raised by animal friends.  He learned to make his skin sparkle and glow just like the crystalline caverns he called his home.  What nobody realizes is that Meyu’s skin holds the key to the lost powers of the Pau’i.  But Meyu needs to grow up quickly.  Dark forces are already gathering to prevent him from discovering his destiny.

Deliciously rich in detail, Kamori: Mystery of the Pau’i will immerse you in a world unlike any you’ve ever seen. Behind every jumping fungus, coloured raindrop, and talking pet you’ll discover layers of tantalizing details that soak the imagination. Join Meyu’s journey to find himself in his wondrous world.

Book 2 Malloch’s Circus Maximus

Book 3 Destiny Begins