Meyu is an orphan of the storms. During his tumultuous birthflight he fell into the northern forest of the Valsibora. Somehow, for five long years, he survived in the wilderness. He was discovered by kamori explorers and brought to the Hazanitch Institute for Damaged Children. There, under the loving care of nurse Anna, Meyu blossoms into a creative and somewhat mischievous young boy. But his unruly skin has made him an enemy of Doctor Hazanitch. Will Hazanitch insist on the dreaded cranial probe?


Anna is a young kamori-woman, and Meyu’s primary caregiver at the Hazanitch Institute. Anna realizes that  Meyu is special. She takes personal interest in his rehabilitation and defends Meyu against Doctor Hazanitch’s hostilities. Anna is helped by a young hospital orderly named Yakov, who is secretly infatuated with her. Yakov volunteers to help Anna in Meyu’s rehabilitation as a means to get closer to her. Fortunately, Yakov proves to be an excellent role model for Meyu.


A part-time resident of the Institute, Ivanta is under rehabilitation for self-esteem issues. Her condition is the result of an accident during her birthflight that left her with a split tail. She is the very first girl Meyu meets and he becomes  hopelessly infatuated with her. Lucky for Meyu, Ivanta is recruited by Anna to help teach Meyu how to keep his colours ‘fast.’

Doctor Hazanitch

The illustrious head of the Hazanitch Institute for Damaged Children, Doctor Hazanitch is a renowned specialist in childhood dysfunctions (of which kamori have many). Unfortunately when it comes to Meyu, the doctor is very harsh. Hazanitch grudgingly allows Anna to rehabilitate the boy but the doctor gives her an impossible deadline. Meyu must pass the ‘Frood Wheel’ test for colour fastness or else the boy will be banished to the wilderness from which he came. Does the doctor have a hidden agenda?