The Legend

The Golden Age “…There are legends of a great civilization, an ancient and lofty civilization that reigned in peace for millennia and was annihilated virtually overnight. Know this: the legends are true. We are the lowly remains of that lost civilization. We are the Dark Age…” 

So begins the mysterious parchment. It tells of a Golden Age of kamori-kind–the age of the Pau’i.  An ancient kamori people, the Pau’i are shrouded in legend. Some say that the Pau’i could speak without words and that they could perform many miracles. But that was long ago–before colour-morphing became taboo. Now, in modern times, the National Colours ensure that no kamori can discover their true potential. Only Meyu’s skin holds the key to the ancient powers of the Pau’i. Meyu must grow up quickly. Dark forces are already amassing to prevent him from fulfilling his destiny.parchment2